Ring In The New Year With These Recipes

Chicken wings in a air fryer on a kitchen counter
You likely enjoyed lots of tasty food during the holiday season, and that doesn’t have to end with the arrival of the new year. Instead, create yet another delicious spread by tackling these New Year recipes. With a menu full of divine food, 2022 will get off to a phenomenal... [read more]

Simple Holiday Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Holiday Plate Featuring Tree, Gingerbread, Snowman, Snowflake Desserts
It’s not just the holiday season. It’s cookie season. At this time of the year, cookies reign supreme, and you can get in on the baking and eating fun with some easy recipes. These simple holiday cookie recipes are such a breeze to make that you’ll be amazed by the... [read more]

How To Add Artificial Snow To Your Tree

Christmas tree branch with white artificial snow
Mother Nature might not send a white Christmas your way this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some snow into your life. You can add artificial snow to your tree with a process called flocking. Then, it’ll be snowing inside, even if there’s not a snowflake inside outdoors.... [read more]

Stay Prepared This Winter With A Vehicle Emergency Kit

businessman with broken down car
You never expect to encounter a roadside emergency when you hop in your vehicle, but it can happen at any time. Fortunately, you can put an emergency kit in your car just in case. Then, if you do end up on the side of the road, you’ll have everything you... [read more]

Visit Maxine’s Café And Bakery For The Breakfast Of A Lifetime

Ready for breakfast
Have you heard of Maxine’s Café and Bakery in Bastrop, Texas? The restaurant claims to offer the best breakfast in Bastrop, but it might be selling itself short. In fact, many would agree that it’s the best breakfast in the region, if not the state. And while it might be... [read more]

4 Unique Holiday Table Decorating Ideas

Beautiful holiday place setting for the holidays
Hosting Thanksgiving is about more than preparing the turkey and side dishes, although both are essential. In addition, you need to decorate your holiday table. The correct tablescape will set the tone for the meal, so you want to get it right. Fortunately, you can impress your family and guests... [read more]

Blow Your Friends And Family Away With This King Ranch Chicken Casserole

Chicken Casserole and Bread
Have you ever tried making King Ranch chicken casserole? Most recipes for this iconic Tex-Mex dish use condensed soup, which can mute the flavors. Fortunately, this King Ranch Chicken Casserole recipe is here to save the day. It nixes cans in favor of fresh ingredients that are so tasty you’ll... [read more]

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Truck Road Safe

Bearded man in a truck going for a drive at dusk
Your truck can handle most challenges on its own, but sometimes, it needs your help. That’s especially true in the winter when the elements can cause frozen batteries, corroded metal, and other issues. Fortunately, you can ensure your truck is up to the challenge by taking care of some simple... [read more]

Make Homemade Candy Apples For A Sweet And Festive Treat

Candy apple
Do you have fond memories of munching on candy apples when you were a child? There’s something about these treats that lets you know that fall has arrived, and you can make them yourself this season. So check out this recipe for easy homemade candy apples, and try your hand... [read more]

Venture On A Safari At Hatari Wildlife Park

Woman tourist on a safari in Africa
You don’t need to leave the country to go on a wildlife safari. Instead, you just need to head to Hatari Wildlife Park in Weimar, Texas, for an adventure. The 400-acre park has four unique ranges full of animals, and you can explore the habitats from the comfort of your... [read more]