Get Ready For The Aggie Experience This Football Season

Group of happy fans cheering for their team victory

Is there anything better than going to Kyle Field on a Saturday to cheer on your Aggies? You take your role as the 12th man seriously and know that your cheers can propel the home team to victory. However, you don’t just go to help secure a win. You want to have an amazing time. While simply having a seat in the stands is a sure way to have a blast, you can enhance the experience by taking part in some gameday traditions. Check out some of the most thrilling Aggie game day experiences so you can be part of the traditions that make the day even more special.

Watch the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets March to the Field

One of the best Aggie traditions occurs before the game when the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets march from the quadrangle to Kyle Field. Led by the band, they march through the streets and around the football field. You can expect lots of spirit and pageantry when you attend the march. It’s also extremely popular, so get there a bit early to secure your spot on the side of the road.

Stick Around for the Halftime Performance

While you might want to walk around and stretch your legs during halftime, that would cause you to miss one of the best marching band performances in the country. The Aggie Band performs complicated, precise maneuvers while playing music. They are so amazing that they’ve been invited to play around the world. Each performance is awe-inspiring, but the last one of the season takes the cake. That’s when the band shows off its “Iron Cross” maneuver. Your eyes won’t believe what they see when you watch this.

Visit the Fan Zone

Have you ever been to the fan zone on the north side of Kyle Field? This zone is open before games and is full of challenges and games for the little ones. Plus, you might run into an Aggie legend or two, stopping by to chat and sign autographs. While this is a popular place for kids, you don’t have to be a parent to stop by. There’s plenty of food and fun for all ages.

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Participate in Yell Practice

Don’t head home right after your Aggies secure another victory. Instead, stick around for the post-game yell practice. Head down to the Fish Pond, where you’ll watch the freshmen cheerleaders throw the Yell Leaders into the water. Then the Yell Leaders will conduct a Yell Practice, where you can celebrate the day’s win and warm up your pipes for the next game. This is a fun tradition and a great way to blow off that extra steam after a tight game.

Taking part in these traditions will make your game day experience all the more special. Whether you are traveling with your family or going solo, you’ll love these experiences.

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