Thank Us Later For These Bug-Cleaning Tips For Your Car

The outside rear view mirror on this car parked at the edge of a highway is messy with dozens of splattered bugs.

Once you’ve finally made it through the pollen that coats your car in the spring, you have a new challenge to keeping your car clean in the summer: the bugs. It can be tough to clean off dried bugs, but these tips make it easy!

Microfiber Towel + Detailing Spray

The first method you can try is using a soft microfiber towel (so that you don’t scratch the paint) and a detailing spray. Apply the spray to the affected areas of your car and wipe it off with the microfiber towel. Always work in one direction so that the tougher parts of the bugs don’t scratch your paint. The goal with this method is to lift the bugs off the car without scratching, which could happen if you worked in circular motions.

Car Soap + Bug Removing Sponge

If you aren’t able to fully get the bugs off using a microfiber towel and spray, you can up the ante with car soap and a sponge that is specifically made to help remove dead bugs. Both of these products can usually be found at places like dollar stores, hardware stores, and sometimes even gas stations. The texture of the sponge helps it pick up the bugs and fully remove them from the surface of the car. However, because the sponge is textured, you need to make sure that you thoroughly wet and soap up the sponge/car so that the sponge doesn’t scratch your paint. You can also combine this method with the detailing spray for extra cleaning power.

Bug Removing Product

If the splattered bugs have been on the car long enough to really dry out, you might need the power of a bug removal spray. These products are often sold as “bug and tar remover” and come in typical cleaning spray forms or aerosol cans. All you need to do is let the spray sit on the car for 30 seconds or so before wiping it off in one direction with a microfiber towel or bug remover sponge. If you run into splattered bugs on your windshield on a regular basis in the summer, you might consider picking up some bug wash to add to your windshield wiper fluid reservoir. This will help you clean bugs off the windshield as you encounter them to prevent vision-impairing, crusty mess later.


Citrus-based degreasers like Citrol are a lifesaver for crusty car messes, including bugs. Citrol is safe for your clear coat and is biodegradable, so you won’t need to worry about run-off from your cleaning efforts getting into your yard. Citrol will also work wonders on bird droppings. The only thing to know about citrus-based degreasers is that you’ll need to fully wash the car after you use them to remove any leftover film/haze from the product.

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