Plan A Getaway Weekend

Skydivers in indoor wind tunnel, free fall simulator

Do you want to go on a trip, but you only have time for a short getaway? San Antonio is close enough for a weekend trip but still far enough that you can enjoy new experiences. Check out some of the local attractions so you can plan the ultimate summer getaway in San Antonio.

Go Skydiving – Indoors

Do you love a thrill, but you aren’t quite up for jumping out of a plane? iFly is the ideal attraction for your trip. Your entire family can jump into a wind tunnel, which simulates the sky diving experience. You also have the option of doing a virtual reality jump after your initial dive. You’ll want to check that out. It’s so much fun, plus a nice break from the summer heat.

Explore the Natural Bridge Caverns

You can also beat the summer heat by going below the ground with a tour of the Natural Bridge Caverns. If you want to take a quick trip through the caverns, book the Discovery Tour. You’ll descend 180 feet below ground while exploring the various formations. Once you come back to the surface, stick around and enjoy some of the surface attractions, such as zip-lining.

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Engage Your Mind

The school year might be over, but that doesn’t mean learning has to come to an end. Your family can soak up all kinds of incredible information by visiting one of San Antonio’s museums. If you’re traveling with kids, a trip to the DoSeum is a must. This children’s museum boasts 26,000 square feet of space inside and 39,000 square feet outside, so saying it’s huge is an understatement. This museum features all kinds of cool stuff, including a spy academy, puppet parade, and interactive robots. Your kids can engage in STEM activities while having a blast at this museum.

Then there’s the Witte Museum. With dinosaur bones, mummies, and a treehouse full of fun activities, this is a favorite for families. The museum is so jam-packed with activities that you’ll want to set aside the better part of an afternoon to explore it.

The San Antonio Museum of Art is also worth a visit. You’ll find a mixture of Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Near Eastern art inside of the walls. If you’re traveling with small kids, you might want to skip this one. However, if your kids are older, or this is an adult-only trip, it’s worth a visit.

These activities will help you set the tone for your San Antonio getaway. Then, when you’re there, you can add some additional options, such as a stroll around the San Antonio Riverwalk. When you visit this city, you won’t have any trouble filling your days with activities.

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