Venture On A Safari At Hatari Wildlife Park

Woman tourist on a safari in Africa

You don’t need to leave the country to go on a wildlife safari. Instead, you just need to head to Hatari Wildlife Park in Weimar, Texas, for an adventure. The 400-acre park has four unique ranges full of animals, and you can explore the habitats from the comfort of your vehicle. After driving through, you can then get out of your car and see some wildlife while on foot. Tickets are surprisingly affordable for the park, costing $30 for adults and $18 for kids if you buy at the gate. Seniors and military get a discount and only pay $28 a ticket. Plus, you can save $3 per ticket if you buy online. Whether you buy your tickets online or at the gate, you’re in for a treat. Check out some of the wildlife park’s highlights so you can plan your trip.

Starting Your Tour

Hatari Wildlife Park is home to the Dunes, Lower Grasslands, Lowland Forest, and Sahel habitats. Each one is designed to accommodate the wildlife it contains, so it’s like driving around the globe when you traverse the 400-acre park.

When you arrive, you’ll begin your journey in the Dunes range. Camels and bison roam around the sandy terrain and sparse grass and are always ready to pose for photos. While all the wildlife is thrilling, pay special attention to the bison. They are nearly endangered, but they’re thriving at Hatari Wildlife Park. Getting to see them up close is absolutely fascinating.

Moving on to the Lower Grasslands

Then, you’ll move along to the Lower Grasslands, where you’ll see a range of wildlife grazing on the tall grass. And that wildlife is sure to impress, with addax antelopes, warthogs, blue wildebeests, and more. Plus, the grasslands have welcomed some new residents this year, with numerous births occurring. It started in June. But when a baby blue wildebeest made its first appearance, it wasn’t long before others joined him. It’s neat to see the babies and parents roaming around.

Other Species

Your drive will also take you past other unique species, including kudu, ibex, sable, and gemsbok. The organizers do an excellent job of representing animals from numerous locations around the world, and they all look like they feel at home here.

Take a Stroll

You don’t have to spend all of your time in your car at Hatari Wildlife Park. Instead, you can get out of your vehicle for a bit and stretch your legs on the 3,000-foot boardwalk. The stroller-friendly boardwalk gives you a birds-eye view of other animals. If you meander along, it’ll take close to an hour to go through, but you can complete it in half of that if you’re in a rush.

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Feed the Giraffes

You can even feed the giraffes at the Hatari Wildlife Park. Your little ones are sure to get a good laugh when they see those big giraffe tongues up close. The giraffes (and their tongues) might be huge, but these animals are as gentle as can be and love people.

It’s hard to fully describe the experience at Hatari Wildlife Park. Yes, you mention the animals and habitats, but it’s something you need to see for yourself. Make plans to visit soon so you can go on a safari right here in Weimar, Texas.

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