Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Truck Road Safe

Bearded man in a truck going for a drive at dusk

Your truck can handle most challenges on its own, but sometimes, it needs your help. That’s especially true in the winter when the elements can cause frozen batteries, corroded metal, and other issues. Fortunately, you can ensure your truck is up to the challenge by taking care of some simple maintenance tasks. Find out what you need to do to keep yourself and your truck safe this winter.

Make Sure Your Battery is Ready for the Cold

You’ll start your truck in the cold weather quite a bit this winter, which can drain and weaken the battery. If it’s already weak, it might not make it through the season, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape now.

You can take your truck to a professional to have the battery tested. In addition, clean the corrosion off the cable connections and posts. You can scrub the grime away with a wire brush. Then the battery will have a stronger connection, allowing it to get more power.

Check Your Tires

Have you ever noticed that your “check tire pressure” light tends to come on when the temperature drops? That’s because cold weather causes the air inside the tires to condense. If your pressure is low, you’ll experience significant handling problems. Thus, check your tire periodically to ensure it’s at the recommended level.

The tread is also important, especially as you’re about to drive into winter. While you’re unlikely to encounter snow in Weimar, the roads can get slick. Without enough traction, you’ll have trouble navigating the conditions, and you might have a blowout.

The easiest way to determine if your tires have enough tread is using a penny. You need to take out a penny and turn it upside down, with Lincoln facing you. Then drop it between the tread. As long as the tread covers part of Lincoln’s head, your tires are good to go. However, if the top of his head is visible, you need new tires.

Treat the Underside of Your Truck

Do you intend to do some traveling this winter? If so, you could encounter roads treated with rock salt. When combined with water, the salt can eat away at the underside of your vehicle. Fortunately, you can prevent corrosion damage by protecting it with an undercoating spray. Then the salt and water won’t be able to reach the truck.

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Check the Visibility

Winter’s long nights mean you’ll be using your headlights quite a bit when the season changes. Thus, make sure that your lights are all working, and replace bulbs if needed. Also, your headlights need to be free of bugs and debris. You can use a moistened towel to wipe off the headlights.

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