Stay Connected With The MyChevrolet App

MyChevrolet App

You can stay connected to your vehicle at all times by using the MyChevrolet App. This app is available on iOS and Android devices and lets you turn your phone into a command center. The vehicle provides Remote Access, Vehicle Management, Owner Resources, and other cool features. Get the details, and then download the app today.

Remote Access With the MyChevrolet App

When you connect the MyChevrolet app to your vehicle, you’ll unlock the remote access feature. Your phone will work as a key fob so you can lock and unlock the doors and start it up. You can also use the voice assistant to manage these tasks.

The app shines when you park your car. How many times have you parked, went inside a business, and came out to realize you forget where your vehicle is? You can use the app to find it.

The app even includes a Vehicle Status feature. Find out how much fuel you have, check the oil life, and review the tire pressure without walking out to your car.

Vehicle Management

Maintaining your car should be a priority so you can get to 100,000 miles or more. You can use the app to schedule service on your vehicle. It’s easy to find out when you need service because the app also includes an owner’s manual. Just go through it to learn your service timelines.

Oh, and if your car has a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can manage it in the app. You can even add data service plans via the app.

Owner Resources

The MyChevrolet app’s Owner Resources tools are really neat. You can use the Smart Driver feature to go over your driving behavior. This can help you make adjustments to save fuel. You can also go through how-to videos to find out how to use all of your vehicle features and more. You’ll want to spend some time exploring the Owner Resources section.

EV Features

J.D. Power and Associates states that the MyChevrolet mobile app is one of the top-performing apps for EV cars. You can use this app to determine the range of your vehicle. You can then plug in a route to see if you can make it based on your vehicle’s range. If you need to adjust your way because you don’t have enough electricity to make it, the app can do that for you. Plus, it can help you find a charging station.

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If you need to pull a trailer with your vehicle, this app can help. The Trailering features allow you to test the trailer lights and calculate your load. These features will help you stay safe on the road.

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