Catch Chevrolet In The NASCAR Cup Series

Race Track
Did you know that Chevrolet has notched more wins in the NASCAR Cup Series than any other manufacturer? Chevrolet reached 800 wins this season, and the number keeps growing. Find out what makes Chevrolet stand out in the NASCAR Cup Series and get the details on the current season. A Foundation... [read more]

Mix Up These Steak Marinades

Rib eye beef steaks marinated in fresh rosemary herb marinade
Even the best cut of steak can benefit from a delicious marinade. Soaking in a marinade makes steaks tender and flavorful, just like you’d get at a restaurant. Check out some delicious steak marinades to try the next time you make dinner. Then get some tips so you’ll marinate your... [read more]

Get Your Hands On The Top 2021 Fishing Gear

Grandfather and Grandson Fishing At Sunset in Summer
Do you love freshwater fishing? The right gear can help you land some big fish, so consider doing some shopping before you hit the water. Check out the top fishing gear available this year, so you’ll be prepared to haul in lots of fish. Humminbird CoastMaster U.S. Coastal Card You won’t have... [read more]

Plan A Getaway Weekend

Skydivers in indoor wind tunnel, free fall simulator
Do you want to go on a trip, but you only have time for a short getaway? San Antonio is close enough for a weekend trip but still far enough that you can enjoy new experiences. Check out some of the local attractions so you can plan the ultimate summer... [read more]

Stay Connected With The MyChevrolet App

MyChevrolet App
You can stay connected to your vehicle at all times by using the MyChevrolet App. This app is available on iOS and Android devices and lets you turn your phone into a command center. The vehicle provides Remote Access, Vehicle Management, Owner Resources, and other cool features. Get the details,... [read more]

The Rick Cavender Band: The Texas Connection

Close up on hands playing on electric guitar
Stages across the Lone Star State are once again lighting up for live music, and the Rick Cavender Band is stringing up their guitars to play again. Learn more about these talented troubadours, explore their connection with our team, and take a look at their calendar to see when they... [read more]

Plan Your Next San Antonio Weekend Getaway

Rollercoaster at an amusement park
San Antonio is only an hour and a half drive from Weimar, and it's far worth the miles. With such a short drive, you don't even have to take off work for this vacation. At 5:00 pm on Friday, head to San Antonio, and follow this guide of sights to... [read more]

Grab A Bite At TX Burger

Cheese Burger, with melted swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and onions served on toasted bun
What's better than biting into a delicious, flavorful hamburger? The only answer we'll accept is: nothing. Next time you're in need of a burger fix, head to TX Burger. The chain has been serving up tasty meals since the 70s when the owner set out to achieve the goal of... [read more]

Thank Us Later For These Bug-Cleaning Tips For Your Car

The outside rear view mirror on this car parked at the edge of a highway is messy with dozens of splattered bugs.
Once you've finally made it through the pollen that coats your car in the spring, you have a new challenge to keeping your car clean in the summer: the bugs. It can be tough to clean off dried bugs, but these tips make it easy! Microfiber Towel + Detailing Spray The first... [read more]

Join Us For The Magnolia Days Festival

Portrait of little girl eating cotton candy
Every year underneath the 100-year-old oak and magnolia trees in Columbus, Texas, the community gathers to celebrate the Magnolia Days Festival. As the perfect summertime event for children and parents, the festival is a step back in time for citizens. The history of the area is celebrated year-round, but this... [read more]