Ring In The New Year With These Recipes

Chicken wings in a air fryer on a kitchen counter

You likely enjoyed lots of tasty food during the holiday season, and that doesn’t have to end with the arrival of the new year. Instead, create yet another delicious spread by tackling these New Year recipes. With a menu full of divine food, 2022 will get off to a phenomenal start.

Spinach Puffs

If you enjoy spinach pie, you’re going to love this recipe for Spinach Puffs. With spinach, three types of cheese, eggs, and other ingredients inside of a pastry puff, these handheld treats are bursting with flavor. And they’re easy to make, so you can whip them up, even if you stayed up late watching the ball drop.

Pepper Jelly Hogs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are popular on New Year’s Day. However, eating the same thing year after year can get boring. Fortunately, you can level up with this Pepper Jelly Hogs in a Blanket recipe. Instead of the same old hotdogs, the recipe calls for spicy sausage links, plus pepper jelly and stone-ground mustard. These Pepper Jelly Dogs have a nice kick to them, so you’ll start the year off with a bang.

Shrimp Puff Pastry Triangles

If you want to try something new for the New Year, consider this recipe for Shrimp Puff Pastry Triangles. This is a take on Shrimp de Jonghe, but unlike that dish, you can eat these pastries with your hands. That means you can relax on the couch while chowing down on a delicious pastry. Whether you’re on the couch or at the table, though, you’re going to go wild over the crunchy dough and creamy filling.

Air-Fryer Chicken Wings

You can also enjoy some spice with help from this recipe for Air-Fryer Chicken Wings. While you’ve likely had many a chicken wing over the years, this recipe has a secret weapon. The cayenne seasoning used for the spice rub adds some extra heat to the crunchy wings. And while it brings the flavor, the recipe is a snap to make. Unlike a regular fryer that can be hard to manage, the air-fryer does the work for you. And while it doesn’t require much work on your part, the wings are perfectly crispy.

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Zesty Citrus Snack Mix

Do you want to have some snacks around the house on New Year’s Day? If so, this Zesty Citrus Snack Mix is sure to be a hit. This is a hearty snack mix with roasted garbanzo beans, pita bread, pretzels, and nuts. Add in the citrus flavors, and you’re going to find yourself digging in all day long. In fact, it’s filling enough to serve for lunch if you don’t feel like making a full spread.

Since all these foods are handheld, you can have a casual New Year’s Day. At the same time, they’re tasty enough for a sit-down meal with your family. No matter which you choose, it’ll be the tastiest New Year’s Day yet.

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