Try Out This Trendy Tik Tok Recipe

Roasted Potatoes Garnished with Rosemary on White Background

Roasted Potatoes Garnished with Rosemary on White Background

If you want to try one of the trendiest foods on the internet right now, you have to make these roasted potatoes. Not only are you going to create a side dish that your whole family will love, but you’ll also feel like you’re in on all the latest trends. Let’s check out how to do it!

Get the Right Potatoes

When you make these roasted potatoes, you’ll want to use some that are a bit waxy. Yukon golds might just be the best option, as they have a great flavor and texture. But if you don’t have those, red potatoes could work here as well. Just leave the russets for another time – they’re not great in this recipe.

Use a Ton of Salt to Boil

A lot of people are trying to watch their salt intake, but you really do need to be generous with the salt when you’re preparing the water to bring these potatoes to a boil. Don’t worry – you’re not going to eat all of that salt. It just needs to work its way into the potatoes, so they have the perfect flavor.

Make Them Messy

After you’re done boiling your potatoes, it’s time to roughen them up a bit. They should be nice and soft from the boiling water, so take a fork and smash them a little bit. You still want them to be intact, but give them a larger surface area so they can crisp up nicely.

Add the Seasonings You Want

Before putting your potatoes in the oven, it’s important to season them well. This is where you can get really creative. Of course, you’ll want to include some salt, but feel free to add pepper, paprika, turmeric – whatever you have around.

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Get to Roasting

Put the potatoes on a baking sheet with the spices and some oil, and allow them to roast in the oven until they are golden brown. You may think they’re ready to come out at this point, but you should leave them in for another 10 minutes.

After this point, they’re ready to eat! Enjoy these crispy, delicious potatoes with your loved ones.

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