Give Podcasts A Try

Young woman working from home with headphones in

A lot of us rely on music to get through the day, and while different songs and artists do vary, you still might want to change things up a little more. Have you ever considered listening to a podcast? In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed, making them one of the most popular ways to consume content; especially while working on other tasks. If you’re not fully sold on the podcast life, we looked into a few key reasons why we recommend it. Keep reading to find out.


The possibilities of where you can listen to a podcast are absolutely limitless. If you like to take long walks, a podcast can be your entertainment to guide you to the end. If you like to cook, you can multitask by hearing a story about your favorite past president. There are very few types of media that can be consumed while doing another task, so take advantage of the accessibility.


This is a huge perk. Most streaming services you use will have podcasts for free on the app as well. An audiobook ranges from $10-20, so this is a great way to save money and also still become invested in a story. Story-telling podcasts have become super popular, and are easy to find online.


Podcasts give you a break from the monotony of music. Maybe tunes aren’t your thing, either. Podcasts come in a massive range of topics, voices, and genres. There’s a podcast for just about anything; the options are limitless.

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Unlike music which usually revolves around stories, podcasts can be generally very educational. There are so many different kinds ranging from facts about certain industries to tips for how to be a better human. It’s never been easier to access tons of knowledge, all while sitting in a chair with your headphones in. Podcasts also make mindless tasks fly by, like chores for example. Dive into a story or a dialogue that will carry through your to-do list.

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