4 Unique Holiday Table Decorating Ideas

Beautiful holiday place setting for the holidays

Hosting Thanksgiving is about more than preparing the turkey and side dishes, although both are essential. In addition, you need to decorate your holiday table. The correct tablescape will set the tone for the meal, so you want to get it right. Fortunately, you can impress your family and guests with these unique holiday table decorating ideas.

1. Get Creative With the Centerpiece

The centerpiece is likely the first thing people will notice, so you want to make the right impression. Fortunately, there are tons of fun, unique options for this.

First, you can use a fall wreath as your centerpiece. Look through storage to see if you have an old wreath you’d like to repurpose. Then place it on the table, add a cake stand or vase in the center, and stand back to admire your work. It might be simple, but it will look phenomenal.

If you don’t have a wreath, don’t worry. You can turn a pumpkin into a centerpiece that your guests will admire. Start with a fresh pumpkin, cut off the top, and clean it out like you would when making a jack-o-lantern. Finally, complete the look with colorful flowers. This centerpiece screams of autumn and will put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Do you want something a bit easier? You can purchase a bunch of leafy greens, bundle them together, and put them in the middle of the table. Consider going with a white table runner so the leafy greens will stand out.

2. Add Chinoiseries

If you’re going for a chic tablescape, chinoiserie accent pieces will help. You can go all out with serving dishes or plates or add some chinoiserie pumpkins to your table. These hand-painted pieces will quickly elevate the table setting.

3. Make a Statement With Dinnerware and Flatware

Your dinnerware and flatware can also add to the table’s theme.  For instance, green and white dinnerware creates an elegant look.

If you are going for luxurious instead of elegant, choose dark-colored dinnerware and flatware. Anything with an inky color palette will create the look you want.

You can even use color to make your table feel warm and cozy. This time, choose dinnerware and flatware with one of autumn’s soothing colors. Instead of going with a brown or orange, consider dusty pink. It represents autumn while still being unique.

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4. Tie it Together With Napkins

Embroidered cloth napkins are a fantastic way to tie your color scheme together. Once you have the color in mind, select a pattern. Then place the napkins diagonally, so they sit on the edge of the table. This will add yet another unique element to the tablescape.

It’ll be easy to impress your guests when you incorporate these ideas. Then you can tackle the turkey and sides. It’s going to be a Thanksgiving to remember.

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