Catch Chevrolet In The NASCAR Cup Series

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Did you know that Chevrolet has notched more wins in the NASCAR Cup Series than any other manufacturer? Chevrolet reached 800 wins this season, and the number keeps growing. Find out what makes Chevrolet stand out in the NASCAR Cup Series and get the details on the current season.

A Foundation of Speed and Performance

Chevrolet put itself in a position to succeed when it selected the Camaro ZL1 as the base for its race car. This vehicle offers a connection between the showroom and the track and was built with performance in mind.

The rear-wheel-drive Camaro ZL1 has a small block fuel-injected V8 and produces a whopping 650 horsepower. Using that as a platform, Chevy’s engineers made improvements during the development stage. They used technology such as driver-in-the-loop simulators to improve aerodynamics and other features. Now, the vehicle excels in every area.

Chevrolet is constantly improving the car and has announced the release of the 2022 NASCAR Next Gen Camaro ZL1 for the next racing season. The car has key changes. That includes independent rear suspension and an updated transmission for faster shifting. Chevrolet even changed to single-lug 18-inch aluminum wheels so the pit crew can get cars in and out faster.

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The Current Racing Season

Chevrolet is already living up to its reputation this season. It reached 800 wins at The Circuit of the Americas. Chase Elliot powered the No. 9 Chevrolet past the competition and secured the win.

While Elliott’s win allowed Chevrolet to reach 800 victories, the manufacturer couldn’t have done it without Alex Bowman’s performance at the Dover International Speedway the previous weekend. He notched the 799th win for Chevrolet, and his teammates were right behind him, finishing 2-4.

Chevrolet’s drivers haven’t taken their pedal off the gas since reaching 800 wins. They are still hard at work, taking home the checkered flag over and over. Kyle Larson scored the win at the NASCAR Cup Series at Charlotte on May 30. He followed that with a win at Sonoma.

It’s clear that it’s going to be an exciting NASCAR Cup Series this year. Chevrolet drivers are expected to make quite a showing, so get ready to see them take home lots of checkered flags. When you combine their talent and the power of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, it’s easy to see why they are racking up the wins.

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