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Whether you’re getting ready for grilling season or just wondering what’s for dinner, a local shop in Weimar has exactly what you need. Kasper’s Meat Market has been a part of the Weimar community for more than a century, and once you’ve tasted their delicious meats, you’ll see why. Take a look at what Kasper’s has to offer here in town.

The Shop

Any time a business stays open for more than 100 years, there must be something special that keeps customers coming in over generations. For a shop like Kasper’s, it’s a winning combination of character and quality. Kasper’s Meat Market has been a fixture along Post office Street since 1917, and the Kasper family has served the Weimar community over the decades with dedication and care. As you enter the shop, you’ll see memories and decorations that tell the story of a well-rooted local business, and the walls are lined with photos, old posters, and game from hunts gone by.

The Meat

Kasper’s is a meat lover’s dream, and whenever you visit, you’ll be greeted by a mouth-watering display of various cuts and sausages. If you’re ever in the mood for steak, Kasper’s has you covered with high-quality, generously sized beef steaks, from rib eye and seven steak to hefty T-bone. You’ll also find a selection of ribs perfect for BBQ, as well as pork and chicken. The jerky is always a local favorite as well.

Weimar Sausage

With all those choices, one decision is clear, and first-time guests shouldn’t leave without pickup up a few links of Kasper’s signature Weimar Sausage. Made with a combination of beef and pork, their sausage has been a local staple for decades, and visitors come from near and far to enjoy this perfectly seasoned standard. Along with the original, you might see a spiced version with jalapeño, or several other varieties of appetizing links.

Kasper’s Meat Market is located at 119 E Post Office Street, Weimar, Texas 78962.

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