Master Mowing Your Lawn With These Tips

Mowing the lawn

Does it seem like you’re putting too much work in when you mow the lawn? You can make it easier by following some tips. These tips will make mowing easier and also improve the results. Then, it will look like you hired a professional landscaper to tackle your yard.

Sharpen Your Lawnmower’s Blades

Dull blades can cause a lot of problems. They don’t cut the grass evenly and can pull chunks of grass and dirt from the ground. Also, you can double your work when you mow with dull blades. You’ll likely have to make a couple of passes over your lawn to cut the grass the proper length. Sharpen your blades to get an even cut and reduce your work.

Clean up the Lawn

Before you mow, spend some time picking up debris, including sticks. Debris can get caught in the blades, causing them to lose their sharpness. Plus, you can hurt yourself if you mow over debris. The last thing you want is flying objects when you’re mowing the lawn. You could get injured if you mow over debris. Plus, you could hurt someone else if debris flies around your yard.

Mow in the Evenings

Mowing during the heat of the day is hard on you and the grass. First, it can lead to heat exhaustion. Second, mowing while it’s hot can cause the grass to lose moisture at the roots. That, in turn, can lead to dead grass. While it’s cool in the morning and the evening, the evening is the better choice. Morning dew creates poor conditions for mowing. Plus, your grass can rest and recover all night when you mow in the evening. With that in mind, fire up the lawnmower in the evening.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Some people lower the blades on the lawnmower to cut the grass short since that gives them more time between mows. Your lawn will be much healthier if you don’t cut the grass too low. Adjust the blades to the proper height, so you only cut the top third of each blade of grass.

When you mow shady areas, you should leave the grass even longer. Grass in the shade has to share the water and nutrient supply with trees and other plants. Because of that, the grass needs long roots to get its fair share. When you cut the grass short, the roots will be exposed. That can damage the roots, making it difficult for the grass to get enough water and nutrients.

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Mow Side to Side on Hills

Most people mow straight up and down when navigating hills, but that’s a mistake. You could fall, leading to a serious injury. Go side to side, so you can stay safe and have an amazing-looking lawn.

These tips won’t just help you improve the look of your lawn. They’ll also make the job so much easier. That’s a double win, so keep these tips handy the next time you mow.

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