Grab A Bite At TX Burger

Cheese Burger, with melted swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and onions served on toasted bun

What’s better than biting into a delicious, flavorful hamburger? The only answer we’ll accept is: nothing. Next time you’re in need of a burger fix, head to TX Burger. The chain has been serving up tasty meals since the 70s when the owner set out to achieve the goal of fully fresh patties. Now, you can find TX Burger restaurants all over the state, including right here in Weimar. Let’s hit a few highlights on the menu to get you excited for your next trip to TX Burger!

Plain N Simple

Like to keep things easy? You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a combo section for those classic lovers.  Get any of the staples — TX Burger, Double TX Burger, Chicken Tenders, Steak Fingers, etc. — with fries and a drink. The perfect meal!

Something A Little Fancy

There are plenty of ways to dress your burger up if you want some variety. Start small and order the Bacon Burger. Go bigger and order the Jalapeno or Swiss Mushroom Burger, or go a whole different route with the famous Patty Melt. If you prefer a simple burger but are still looking for a way to switch it up slightly, opt for a different bun choice. Your options include sourdough and cheddar jalapeno.

If you want something entirely different than a burger, the “Other Favorites” section on the menu will pique your interest. Grilled Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Fried Steak, Fried Fish, and many more choices. There’s even a garden burger with a veggie patty!

Deluxe burgers are also on the table (AKA, your plate), from the Spicy Hot Burger all the way to the Avocado Swiss Burger. Any flavor combo you’re looking for, they’ve got it.

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For The Kiddos

There’s something for the whole fam on this menu! If you have little picky eaters with you, there are options for them as well. Grilled cheese, corn dogs, mini burgers, chicken tenders, and steak fingers — all of the classics.

Take a break from cooking tonight, and treat the crew to a meal out. TX Burger is a great way to celebrate the weekend, or just making it through the day. It’s time to enjoy a hot, fresh, fantastic dinner!

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